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Speak Natural
Japanese Confidently

Japanese language teacher

Do you want to speak Japanese with confidence?
Go on your Japanese learning journey with me!

Japansese Speaking Club Courses


Requirement: Ability to read Hiragana and Katakana / 55mins / $30

Textbooks: 📙GENKI1 / 📗GENKI2 / 📚日本語総まとめ N 5 - N2 / 📚新完全マスター N3 - N2 

What you'll learn:
This class is for beginner to advanced students. We learn fundamental grammar rules of Japanese up to advanced grammar used in the JLPT exams. By establishing a grammar base you can begin to have a better understanding of conversations and eventually move to the Speaking Course. 

  • Beginner to advanced Japanese grammar

  • JLPT preparation ... Learn more


Requirement: Finished at least one of following textbooks / 55mins / $40

Textbooks: 📙GENKI 1 / 📗GENKI 2 / 📗新完全マスター 文法 N3

What you'll learn:
This class is for beginner to advanced students. We use the grammar from the textbook in real life conversations. By using the grammar you have learned you will be able to express yourself more and make friends when you travel to Japan.

  • Japanese communication skills

  • Japanese speaking practice

  • Conversational Japanese using grammar from textbooks... Learn more

Booking Lessons


  • You MUST sign up/login before booking a lesson (Button in upper right hand corner). Otherwise, you won't be able to reschedule or cancel lessons.

  • Individual classes that are purchased as a one-off are refundable minus a $10 service fee from Wix. You may reschedule your lesson (no later than 24 hours before the lesson start time) with no fees. Packages are non-refundable.

Jake, USA

Always amazing. I've had 100+ lessons with Ken. He has taken me from barely understanding hiragana to being able to have full conversations in Japanese. The conversation has always been fun! I had never taken a Japanese lesson before meeting with Ken and I really owe just about everything that I have gained from him. Only really great teachers have the ability to make a complete beginner understand both the Japanese language and culture. Unlike other teachers, Ken has a very good understanding of American culture so he is able to give lots of advice in regards to cultural translations (a lot of direct translations from English sound weird/rude in Japanese) and to translate unusual English idioms. If you are starting out (or an intermediate/advanced student looking for a fun conversation), I highly recommend Ken!
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